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The influencer tracking tool to optimize your influencer campaigns.

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ShopMyInfluens Influencer tracking tool

Keep track of your influencers metrics

ShopmyInfluens is a tool that helps media agencies access their data and find KPIs in real time in order to improve their influencer marketing campaigns effectively. Also, it is the perfect solution for PR agencies that struggle with their unpaid product sending campaigns.

Our revolutionary tool will help you manage your budget and create effective reports for your marketing actions thanks to a specific dashboard per brand.

ShopMyInfluens tracking tool for agencies advantages

  • Motivate your influencers by paying them on sales during product mailing campaigns.
  • Make more detailed reports by including data on the turnover, traffic and ROI of the campaigns you manage.
  • Have a unique tool that will increase the value of your services.

Reasons to count on our influencer tracking tool for agencies

Whether you are a media or PR agencyShopMyinfluens is an effective solution that will boost the growth of your benefits and help you get closer to your agency’s goals. We offer you an innovative concept that is useful for all parties of the influencer market.

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