Influencer Marketing in lockdown: Turning a threat into an opportunity

Influencer Marketing in lockdown: Turning a threat into an opportunity

Lockdown had an immediate impact on the global economy. In this article we tackle the challenges of influencer marketing in lockdown.

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          France has been affected by the Coronavirus for several months now, forcing the country to go into quarantine on March 17 in order to limit the spread of this virus as much as possible. As a matter of fact, a lot of countries such as China, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain have decided to confine their population. As a result, this decision had an immediate impact on the global economy and employment. In this article we are going to tackle the challenges of influencer marketing in lockdown.

The impact of lockdown on the Influence World

          The world of influence, like many other fields, was affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The crisis that the country is going through has led to the annulment of many brand-influencer collaborations.

The job of an influencer consists largely of going out, traveling, showing off one’s life and sharing as much as possible of content. This year, many key events such as Coachella and the Cannes Film Festival have been cancelled, as well as press trips, product launch events and film shoots.

A few brands continued to send products for free, but most PAID campaigns were cancelled. As the majority of influencers are self-entrepreneurs, they were unfortunately left without any remuneration. As a result, we had two choices: either we stay home passively or adapt to the situation and turn it into an opportunity.

The hidden opportunity in lockdown: TIME

          We are talking here about the free time that we don’t normally have before the pandemic due to our busy schedules. Thanks to the lockdown, traffic became at its peak on social networks. Internet users were much more attentive than at any other time of the year. The time users spent on social networks increased immediately. Our influencers have seen their story views multiply in a short period of time and their number of subscribers increase from day to day. Their community was much more active and listening during the lockdown than anytime before.

The need for reinvention

          This period has therefore forced us to reinvent ourselves and to propose different methods and contents of influence. Notably thanks to our new mobile application: ShopMyInfluens.

It is a tool that allows us to monitor influencer campaigns: tracking statistics, sales, commissions etc. Combining Influence and Affiliation, the influencers were able to freely choose the brands they wanted to collaborate with, generate an instant tracked link, and insert it in their Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat stories etc. Then they can follow the sales and commissions generated in real time on their smartphone.

ShopMyInfluens: a revolution in influencer marketing

          The bestseller: BestofTV’s steam broom for cleaning! More than 300 sales in 24 hours with a simple story of the influencers.

The influencer marketing tool also allowed advertisers who were cautious during this complicated period to guarantee qualified traffic on their e-shop without risk, since they were paid on performance.

Many new small brands were able to survive in lockdown by sending products to influencers and offering them commissions without the need to use a promotional code. In addition to that, getting access to statistics in real time on the app reassures the influencer.

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